Get the Best Cocktail Machine and Slushie Machine Deals from Cocktail Warehouse!

Cocktail Warehouse is one of the best and leading party services providers that serve various parts of Australia, including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Newcastle, Brisbane, Central Coast, Gold Coast, Wollongong, and the Sunshine Coast. Besides the slushie machine and cocktail machine that we provide for hire through different packages, we also provide our valuable customers with delicious and interesting flavours of daiquiris, cocktails, slushies and margaritas. These concentrated flavours when provided to you are non-alcoholic. However, alcohol can later be added depending upon your preferences.

Customers who are based in the above cities and surrounding suburbs can contact us directly with your requirements. Our staff members will spend time with you in understanding your needs and provide services accordingly. There are several benefits you can look forward to in choosing Cocktail Warehouse as your event partner. First up, we provide our customers with efficient and easy to use slushie machine and cocktail machine so that they can use them to make your party or event a successful and a memorable one. Besides providing these machines on hire, we also provide customers with different varieties of frozen drinks. Chances are that you may not find these kinds of varieties elsewhere in Australia.

slushie-machine-hireBoth young and old people visiting your party or other events are sure to get impressed with the quality of cocktail and slushie offered. The best part in choosing us is that our flavoured slushie and cocktail mixes are freshly made and delivered at the party or event site in time for the occasion. From the customers point of view, our cocktail machine and slushie machine provide an affordable way to keep people entertained in your party.

There are many more reasons why you should choose Cocktail Warehouse to supply your event. In addition to the affordable rates that we offer to our clients, we provide free delivery of cocktail machine and slushie machine across various cities in Australia. However, customers may be required to pay a small delivery fee if their event location is beyond 35km from the CBD. Also we deliver straws and cups free of cost. All our machines are cleaned and serviced before they are handed over to you. Our company will also call you back as soon as you place an order to make sure your booking is confirmed so that you can rest assure that you are getting the service in time for your event.

Customers can also hire other party accessories from us at affordable rates. Some of these accessories include lighting, sound, microphones, effects machines, fairy floss, popcorn machines and chocolate fountains. It does not matter how small or big your event is going to be, we can deliver services and products accordingly. Our cocktail machine and slushie machine are the best you can get in the country. So rest assured we will deliver the goods to you!