Do you provide the alcohol with the cocktail machine?

Unfortunately it is illegal for a cocktail machine hire company to provide you with the alcohol unless you are a licensed venue or have a liquor licence. You can check out what alcohol you need to add and the quantity to your cocktail machine in our flavours page, we cannot provide it.

How long does it take for the cocktail machine to freeze?

In most cases a twin bowl cocktail machine will take between 1 – 1.5 hours, however the time may vary depending on the temperature. The higher the temperature, the longer it will take to freeze. On a very hot day the cocktail machine may take up to 2 hours to freeze. The triple bowl cocktail machine will take anywhere between 1.5-2.5 hours.

Who sets up the cocktail machine?

One of our friendly delivery drivers will set the cocktail machine up and adjust the settings to ensure the cocktail machine operates effectively.

Do we need to provide anything for you?

Yes, we need one standard power point and a sturdy table or bench top for the machine to sit on that can hold 80kgs for a twin bowl and 110kgs for a triple bowl. Plastic trestle tables and glass tables cannot be used.

Who adds the cocktail mix to the cocktail machine?

Upon delivery we will add your chosen cocktail mix flavours to your cocktail machine.

Do we need to add ice to the cocktail machine?

No, the cocktail machine turns the cocktail mix into ice on its own.

How do you ensure that no one spikes the cocktails?

The lids on the cocktail machine can be locked and we can give you the keys so only you can open the cocktail machine.

Can we have one side of the cocktail machine with alcohol and the other side without alcohol for the kids?

We do not provide the alcohol so it is up to you if you want to add alcohol on both sides, just one side or no alcohol at all to your cocktail machine. A lot of our customers do have half the machine for adults and half for kids. However we strongly encourage that if you are putting alcohol in one side only that you closely supervise it and ensure that no under age child can reach or access the machine without an adult’s permission.

How many drinks will you get out of the cocktail machine?

You will get approximately 60 drinks per 12L Bowl, so 60 drinks for a single bowl, 120 drinks for a twin bowl cocktail machine and 180 drinks per triple bowl cocktail machine. You will also get 60 drinks out of any refill bottles.

If the liquid runs out during the night, can we add our own cordial or soft drink to the cocktail machine?

No, you cannot add your own mix to the cocktail machine. This is because the cocktail machine requires a specially formulated mix so that it freezes at the right consistency. If you add your own mix it may not freeze at all, or it might freeze too much and break the gear box in the cocktail machine, and you would then be liable for the repairs.

If you are concerned that you may run out of cocktail mix during the night, you can order extra refills for your cocktail machine. If you don’t open them and don’t use them, you wont be charged for them.

Who cleans the cocktail machine, is it cleaned on site and how often is it cleaned?

We clean the cocktail machine so don’t stress when we come to pick it up the next day and it’s dirty or still has some liquid in it. Please do not feel obliged to clean the cocktail machine. We bring a bucket to empty any remaining liquid for disposal. We clean the cocktail machines at our warehouse. The cocktail machines are sterilized and sanitized after each party and before each event to ensure the upmost hygiene.

When is the cocktail machine delivered and picked up?

We deliver the cocktail machines on the day of the function and pick up the following day. Deliveries and pick ups are usually done between 9am-4: 30pm. If you require delivery outside of these times please let us know and we will try and organise it for you.

Can you offer pick up on the night of the party?

Yes, we can pick up anytime from 9pm-2am on the night of your party. An additional fee of $80 applies to a night pick up. If it is not essential that your machine has to be picked up that night, your best bet is to allow us to get it the next day to save you the money.

What is the difference between a slush machine, a daiquiri machine and a cocktail machine?

This is a common question that we get asked at Cocktail warehouse. A cocktail machine, slush machine and a daiquiri machine are all the same thing. These words are just what people use to describe them. In reality, a daiquiri is a better description because daiquiris’ are traditionally made in an icy format. Cocktails are usually liquid, but because the industry can offer all cocktails in a frozen format many people have come to describe them as frozen cocktail machines.

Slush machines are often used by people to describe a non alcoholic icy drink, like what you would get from a convenience store or service station. They are often spelt in many different ways, such as slush machine, slushie machine, slushee machine and slushy machine.

Here at Cocktail Warehouse we regularly service our slush machines as well as constantly upgrade our fleet of slush machines with brand new slush machines. This strategy ensures that very rarely you will encounter any problems with your slush machine. In the rare case that you do encounter any problems with your slush machine on the day of your event, be sure to call us straight away and if its not a simple fix we will gladly come out and replace your slush machine with another.

However, in most cases a simple fix to your problems can be found here:


I pull the handle down on the frozen slush machine but no ice comes out, only liquid, but the machine is frozen.


If this situation happens it means that a piece of ice that is bigger then the hole were the slushie exits from has blocked this hole. This occasionally happens when a piece of ice misses being broken up by the moving spiral.

All you need to do is pull down on the handle of the slushie machine. This will lift the white tube attached to the handle exposing the slushie exit hole. If you get a straw and poke it up the handle column and then push it across horizontally into the slushie machine, you will be able to push that ice cube back into the machine which will then be broken up by the moving spiral and the slush will then come out freely.


Only one side of my slush machine is frozen.


In 99% of cases, this is nothing to worry about as it is just the way the slush machine freezing process works. The slush machine will start freezing one bowl first, then move to the next bowl, starting from left to right. If after 2 hours one side is still not frozen, then it may be a solenoid problem. If this is the case, call us immediately and we will replace your slush machine free of charge.


We are getting some dripping from our tap.


In rare instances the taps may get a slight drip. In most cases, as the slush machine freezes up the dripping will stop. Just keep a jug underneath the slush machine and you can pour the slush mix back in when it is frozen. If it doesn’t stop, your handle seal may need to be changed or re lubricated. Please call us and we will come out and change it for you.


My slush machine doesn’t seem to be freezing.


In most cases, there is an issue with the environment surrounding the slush machine, not the slush machine itself.

  • Make sure there is at least 30 cm’s of space at the back of the slush machine and on either side of the machine so the slush machine can draw in fresh air and expel hot air.
  • Make sure your slush machine is not sitting in direct sunlight or in an area were there is a lot of heat like next to an oven or barbeque.
  • Make sure the slush machine is turned on and that the switches have not been switched to defrost mode.
  • Make sure the slush machine is powered on and that the power supply is not cutting out. The slush machine must be connected to a power point directly and not to a power board, and must not have other appliances connected to the same power point as the slush machine draws a lot of power.

If you don’t see any ice in your slush machine after 2 hours, please call us and we will replace your slush machine.


My slush machine is making a clicking noise.


Occasionally a slush machine may make a clicking noise. This is nothing to worry about as it is just the slush machine adjusting tension inside the machine so that it produces the right slush consistency.