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Cocktail Warehouse offers affordable frozen slushie machine hire throughout Australia. Our slushie machine hire services are available in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Wollongong, and Central Coast.

We have over 50 delicious flavours covering a range of popular cocktails, daiquiris, margarita’s and slushies. All our mix is non-alcoholic, so you can choose to add alcohol to make delicious cocktails or leave them as is to make slushies for kids.

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Helpful Tips of the Week

How do we work out which slushie machine hire package is right for our party?

There are 3 types available for hire, including single, double and triple bowls. When choosing which product is best for you, it is a good idea to calculate how many guests you would like to serve. Each bowl will make approximately 60 frozen drinks. It is usually a good idea to cater for two servings per guest. Some may not drink the cocktails, but some guests may drink more than two slushies. So for a party of 90 guests, you would consider a triple bowl machine hire, which will make 180 drinks.

Why are there so many names for a slushie machine? Do they all do the same thing or do they differ, and if so, can you explain the difference please.

This is perhaps the most commonly asked question. Yes, they are all the same thing. The industry and customers just use different words to describe the machines. These include:

Slushie machine: Basically means a frozen icy drink without alcohol. However, most people use this term to describe the machine and they add alcohol to the slushie drink.

Daiquiri machine: Usually refers to a frozen drink that contains rum. In our opinion, a daiquiri machine is probably the best way to describe them, because daiquiris have always been an alcoholic beverage made with crushed ice and fruit, and the machines were invented to produce ready-made daiquiris.

Frozen Cocktail machine: In most cases, a cocktail is traditionally served in a liquid form. However, people often use the term cocktail machine because the word “cocktail” is more popular and also evokes a sense of class. In addition, some cocktails do have crushed ice in them, like the Mojito.

Margarita machine: This description is more of an American term used to describe the product. Americans have a big affiliation with margaritas, and especially frozen margaritas, so they commonly use this to describe the machines.

Slurpee machine: The term “slurpee” is basically a brand name invented by the 7 Eleven company. Many people use this to describe the machines as the slurpee brand is very familiar in Australia, and people are used to calling a frozen icy drink a “slurpee”

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether you call them a slushie or frozen cocktail machine – they all mean the same thing. All our mixes come as non-alcoholic, and you can add alcohol if you wish.

The cocktail warehouse guarantee

  • Cheapest slushie machine / cocktail machine hire in Australia. If you find a cheaper price, send us the quote and we will beat it!
  • Free delivery of our machines within 35kms of each cities CBD
  • Free regular cups and straws with every slushie machine hired
  • Free set up and demonstration of how to operate the machine
  • We pick up and clean the machines
  • We confirm all machine bookings with emails and calls so you can relax knowing we have your booking
  • All our mix is handmade on the day of delivery so you have the freshest frozen slushies, daiquiri’s and cocktails
  • Our slushie machines are regularly serviced so you don’t encounter problems

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